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Have you ever stood at the foot of a mountain either in person or metaphorically and thought, “How am I ever going to make it over this monumental task?” You are not alone. We have all had moments when the mountain seemed so huge that we did not believe we would ever see the summit. Our goals and outcomes can, in some instances, feel like this epic adventure. Many will try to summit the mountain alone, but what If you had a community of guides. A TRIBE of like-minded and like-hearted cohorts that were willing to go deeper, faster, and we’re dedicated to meeting their goals while supporting you in yours.

APEX is the next level mastermind that is smaller and more intimate. It is specifically designed to go deep and support you specifically in the areas where you need the most support. Like a great guide, our team will help show the best handholds, paths, and perspectives to optimize your adventure. Once at the top of the mountain and we are standing at the APEX, you will be able to more clearly see all of the other peaks that are available to you. No longer do you need to be stuck in the valley. This is Your Best Life, and we are committed to showing you the path to success and fulfillment.

APEX will be limited to groups of 10-12 teammates. As an exclusive group, this Mastermind will meet twice a month for 2 hours each session to game plan, share, and collaborate on the best options, actions, and outcomes.

Sign up for APEX Mastermind will begin in late August and will begin in mid October. Start date – TBD.

APEX will be a closed group format. This program is designed to go deep and have formal commitments to be held accountable to oneself and the team. The format will be hosted on Zoom and moderated by one of the accredited Mentors from YBLS. Topics will be posted the week before each call to allow for preparation time.


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