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Darren McMahon

Neuro Performance Strategist
Darren McMahon is a master certified neuro performance strategist who has assisted with the personal and business development ranging from individuals to high-level executives from around the world. His experience spans over 18 years in the field of strategy empowerment, and he is one that prides himself on being a high-level life and business strategist that is congruent to his principles and inspires from experience. Darren has overcome the odds many times to become an individual who leads a very fulfilling and successful life of which is based on gratitude, integrity, resilience, constant growth and giving back.

Intensely competitive since a youngster and his collegiate athlete days, Darren transitioned in 1998 his inner drive into the corporate America life of sales. In 2000, Darren started to devoutly donate his spare time to seminars studying the science of personal development, while also striving to thrive in his sales career. He was intrigued about how some individuals were able to maximize their potential and be successful in all facets of their life while others were struggling with life in general and or not performing to the highest of their abilities in their chosen endeavors. In reality, Darren knew he was one of them, however, his desire to be better inspired him further. Many trials and tribulations followed, yet after four years of sheer hustle, tenacity, and self-reflection, one of the largest companies in America recruited Darren for their sales team. Darren went on to become the National Rooke of the Year and a multi-million top sales executive for a Top 10 Fortune Company. Many top awards followed, and the success continued which helped Darren financially to learn and invest in opportunities outside of corporate America.

Darren is a bilingual, world traveler, who can quickly and efficiently connect with people of all walks of life from different cultures. He believes traveling to over approximately 55 countries has been very helpful in his understanding of human needs psychology and how to successfully collaborate with people of all different personalities and opinions. Darren has a reputation for being an inspirational leader who simply gets results.

Darren is someone that enjoys challenges of all varieties. In the winter he may be helicopter skiing challenging the toughest terrain around as he grew up skiing alongside future Olympic skiers. Darren loves the gym, many competitive sports, and a great round of golf to chat about business or mastermind about life. He is proud to lead a healthy lifestyle and has a desire to continue living a very happy and balanced life inspiring others to do the same. Darren stresses in his teachings that success without fulfillment is a failure. He cheated death twice when many years ago a stressed and overworked version of Darren almost lost his life succumbing to a few random but serious seizures while sleeping. This served as a serious wake-up call to changes in his life for the better. Those are all in the distant past as he was thankful for the learnings and to receive a second chance to create a balanced life of love, fun, adventure, and purpose.

Philanthropy has been high on Darren’s list even before he became successful as he lives by the philosophy it is “better to give than to get.” Darren has always had a passion for motivating and inspiring others, and he knows he has a moral obligation to pay back all that he has learned from his learnings and mentors through life that helped in his own transformations.

Living in his life of gratitude daily, Darren for the past ten years has made sure to monthly help with the day to day needs of families in impoverished countries. He also serves various times throughout the year as an International Trainer for Tony Robbins.
Mindset training, relationship, team synergy building, and sales training are a few of Darren’s core competencies as a strategist.
Darren resides in the San Francisco Bay Area with this lovely wife Laura and precious daughter Mila.

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As a long time friend and mutual World bucket list adventurous traveler I have gained many insights and lessons spending time with and learning from my mentor Darren McMahon. Darren is 1000% committed to helping others and has a never give up attitude that is needed when helping others breakthrough their breakdowns.

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