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Chuck Hogan

Concierge neuro-strategist
Chuck Hogan is a certified concierge neuro-strategist with 18 years of experience working with individuals, organizations, and corporations to live their best lives. Born in Japan into a military family he quickly learned that life is filled with diversity and that perspective is key to creating your reality. Blessed to have a Japanese teacher for his mother and an Irish Naval Master Chief for his father one can imagine that discipline and variety were a way of life that cultivated his pursuit of variety and world perspective to this day. Committed to his beautiful wife for over 30 years and the father of 3 amazing children he has found so much strength, motivation, humility and lessons from the many blessings that stem from family and all the learnings that come from their multigenerational insights. Chuck has always had a passion for the art whether it be music, painting, sculpture, literature, or all forms of media, he has found great influence in examining the emotional and technical components of what creates satisfaction and inspiration for the human condition. As a highly competitive athlete that loves snowboarding, sports of all kinds, dancing and physical fitness, Chuck has always strived to live a healthy and vital lifestyle. With a diverse spiritual upbringing, he embraces universal energy and a strong faith in the blessings of divine guidance. Chuck has one fundamental belief that the universe gifted him with this existence so that he can help make the world a better place by collaborating with others to live a full and rich life to their standards. As a cancer conquerer, he knows the universal laws of living a healthy and prosperous life. It isn’t how many times you get knocked down it is how many times you get up and acknowledge the lessons and learnings and integrate them into your life. Having started lawn jobs at an early age and working in the world of physical fitness at the age of 15 Chuck knows the satisfaction of a hard days work and the benefit of living in ones gifts but setting new standards so that the forward progress and momentum that come from a thrive mentality and fulfilled heart can compel anyone to new heights. It is his calling to assist anyone who is committed to growing, stretching, achieving and attaining new levels of progress and fulfillment. Let’s not forget there is a science to achievement but an at to fulfillment. This thrive and not survive ideology is one of the cornerstones of Chuck’s strategy for success.

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I am SO honored and blessed to endorse Chuck Hogan. The MOST admirable trait in Chuck is that he has his priorities straight.
Faith, Family, and Friends are at the top of his list, and from there, his abundance flows! His high level of integrity and masculine energy gives him an immediate rapport with all of his clients. He truly leads by example. He walks his talk… and dances it too 🙂
Chuck’s professional skillsets in the area of neuro strategies are beyond exceptional. Not only is he a master of getting you the results you need quickly, but he also delivers them with love, certainty, and a giant heart. He listens intently and delivers authentically. I am proud to call Chuck my colleague, my friend, my brother and my coach.

Sonni Eremic

Sonni Eremic

Master Coach, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Immersion Expert

When Chuck speaks, everyone listens. His wisdom comes out in every word, and he brings a humble and confident presence, a natural born leader.