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What we believe is our reality

be the change that you wish to see in the world
Our values, beliefs, and rules define our reality. Creating a strategy that allows our members to engage body, mind, and spirit not only propels them to their outcomes but creates a sustainable environment that can last a lifetime.
And you are determined to make your life be what you want it to be!

How Strategic Collaboration Can Benefit You

experience winning in your personal and professional life
The traditional coaching model has utilized the services of a single coach to address all aspects of a clients life. YBL implements a concierge strategist formula based on the belief that not every strategist is a specialist in every aspect of life. To achieve the greatest results in the shortest period, YBL combines the talents of the industries best strategists and creates a team to ensure measurable/sustainable results based on the needs, values, and rules of each and every client both personally and professionally. Consider this, when you have an ailment you visit your general MD. If you have a specific issue, you visit a specialist with expertise in that particular field of medicine. So it stands to reason that if an MD is a great cardiologist that we would not seek him out for a foot issue. This is the same rational YBL utilizes to provide the highest level of efficiency for our clients.

Health is prosperity

Health and vitality are the cornerstones to living Your Best Life. Wealth and prosperity are relative terms. We can have monetary health but lack the energy and energetic lifestyle to enjoy the fruits of our labor. YBL believes that living a fulfilling life includes body, mind, and spirit. Our team of experts specializes in health, nutrition, conditioning, strength, agility and are available to collaborate to create a comprehensive wellness program to support your commitment to living Your Best Life.

Me, We, Us

The fundamental difference that can create unparalleled levels of fulfillment can be directly attributed to the relationships we keep. Often times we place so much value on the relationships that we have with others that we forget to foster the relationship that means the most. That would be the relationship we have with ourselves. It is very difficult to attract the relationship we wish to have with others when we are not living our true life. YBL believes that relationships are the foundation for most personal and professional challenges we all experience. By cultivating strategies and creative channels to manifest more fulfillment our client's condition-specific skills and awareness into their daily lives that amplify their desires for meaningful relationships.

It takes a Village

Culture creation and clear communication are but two of the many critical components necessary for a prosperous company. Yes, it is true that the P & L statement and profits are important, but the happiness and wellbeing of our employees and the value they create through you and your institution are even more important. YBL has established an entire protocol that identifies the personality, values, and needs of businesses from small family owned entities to fortune 100 firms. Regardless of the industry, services or products each institution has particular tenants that are absolutely non-negotiable points of engagement. Though a rigorous vetting process that systematically looks at all facets of a companies systems, personnel, dogma, and practices a precision strategic plan based on benchmarks and metrics is developed from the very top and throughout the organization.