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Clarity is key. They say knowledge is power. Knowledge is power when executed with intent and in the proper state of being. Understanding the WHY that is the driving force that fuels our actions and the motivations that feed our emotional state are powerful allies when aligned they create magic and unparalleled momentum that results in power and progress.

Ordinary Things, Consistently Done, Produce Extraordinary Results

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I am SO honored and blessed to endorse Chuck Hogan. The MOST admirable trait in Chuck is that he has his priorities straight.
Faith, Family, and Friends are at the top of his list, and from there, his abundance flows! His high level of integrity and masculine energy gives him an immediate rapport with all of his clients. He truly leads by example. He walks his talk… and dances it too 🙂
Chuck’s professional skillsets in the area of neuro strategies are beyond exceptional. Not only is he a master of getting you the results you need quickly, but he also delivers them with love, certainty, and a giant heart. He listens intently and delivers authentically. I am proud to call Chuck my colleague, my friend, my brother and my coach.

Sonni Eremic

Sonni Eremic

Master Coach, Motivational Speaker, Lifestyle Immersion Expert

To achieve your vision in business will require a team that’s both highly functioning and optimized. “Your Best Life” can provide everything your team needs to reach their highest goals, and change lives for the better. Darren McMahon and Chuck Hogan, the leaders of YBL, possess unique skill sets that are indispensable in today’s business environment… and they deliver!

Bob Wells

Bob Wells

Operating Partner, Keystone Partners Group

I have personally known Chuck Hogan and Darren McMahon for approximately 15 years and during this time I have always found them both to be very Honest, Caring and Authentic individuals and to be people of the highest Character. Obviously, Chuck and Darren have multiple talents and attributes and especially as very skilled Strategists in attaining Results
at a very high level for a wide range of Clients.

Gerry McKinney

Gerry McKinney

Owner of Several Companies

Life coaching

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Identify your values and goals

Having a destination is critical to navigating to our desired outcomes. Possessing a clear understanding of why this destination holds so much value is priceless. Our values and rules are the cornerstones of the decisions we make on our journey to our goals. Having a sound strategy to identify your values is one key to success but having a formulation that allows you to consistently update your goals while meeting your needs in continuity with your values is not only exciting but fulfilling.

Move past your blind spots

No one can see their own blind spots hence the term. YBL creates a collaborative space where your team of committed strategists has identified your outcomes and goals in conjunction with your commitment to having completely transparent interactions. This brings ones blind spots out in the open, so YBL can collaborate with you to create a lucid and flexible path to meet your outcomes. It is refreshing to understand what has been holding us back and empowering to have a strategy to resolve them.

Establish work and life balance

You and those you care about deserve the best of you and not what is left of you. It is imperative that you find the balance between a healthy career that generates value and prosperity while cultivating a wonderful life of fulfillment and connection filled with growth and contribution. So many of us have developed a habit of moving heaven and earth for others forsaking those that we are actually working so hard to provide for. It is time to paint the masterpiece that is our lives on our terms.

Learning how to Manage stress

No one manages stress. The truth is we manage our conditioning to create resourceful and empowering states that are congruent with our identity that provide us the clarity and flexibility to not fall prey to our fears more commonly known as stress. Do we all feel stress? At some point in the pursuit of progress and growth, we will all experience this feeling of stress. With the proper strategy and emotional conditioning, we can influence ourselves to be even more present and in the flow so that our ultimate flexibility will give us the necessary resources and resourcefulness to shift our state to how we desire to feel.